Hey! I'm Meredith.

Whatever brought you here, I'm glad you stopped by. I'm an extrovert and a 2w3 on the Enneagram. If that doesn't mean anything to you, it's totally fine. Basically, it means I love people, and I love helping people. If I could, I would sit and have a cup of coffee with every single person who comes this way (preferably while I snuggle your baby), and just chat and get to know you. Since I can't do that, I'll settle for getting to know you here.

I'll go first.

The short version: I'm a Jesus lover, wife to Andrew, boy mama to Jonah and Ezra, and a visual storyteller. I love the ocean, baby snuggles, talk too much, and have an oil for everything. People joke and call me the baby whisperer…give me ten minutes with your baby and I'll either have them asleep or be wearing them. I love adventure, and am full of wanderlust–we even lived and traveled on a boat for about a year as a family. I am honored and feel so privileged to be welcomed into the families of my clients to help you remember these beautiful days you call life. During a session with me, I will undoubtedly snuggle your baby (I know I mentioned this already…but really. My tagline/motto is "bring me all the babies!"), make you laugh with my ridiculous antics, and we will probably (hopefully!) walk away as friends. I never want a session with my to feel stressful or contrived…I love capturing that natural, candid overflow of real life. I'm excited to get a little more personal on this website, to give you the opportunity to get to know who I am as a person as you welcome me into your home and family (feel free to just browse the portfolio if you're only interested in my work and would like to keep it professional!). I'll still be sharing recent sessions, but also things I find pretty, things that would be useful to you, and various little facets of our life. This is a place that I hope is an overflow of my heart. Sometimes it will be pretty, and sometimes it will be raw. But it will always be real. I can't wait to meet you!