Back To School Tips and Tricks! || How to Keep Your Children Healthy and Learning!

As summer comes to a close, wait, what?! Really?! Is it already time for that again? I know some mamas jump for joy when school days are near, but y'all…I'm not one of those mamas! I SAVOR summer days of soaking in my babes, sleeping in, and enjoying all summer break has to offer! I am ready for routine again, but I'll never rush these days. Why does summer go by so dang fast? I saw something a few weeks ago on Facebook that talked about how many summers you get with your children, and it was enough to make me never want summer to end. Short story: it's not a lot of time. Soak it in. 

Anyway, whether you're welcoming it or not, it’s that time. The perfect folders, the right pencil holders, and don't forget the perfect pencils (in case you were wondering, those are Ticonderoga PRE-SHARPENED! Love your teachers well and give them gobs of these, and a bottle of wine. Or Starbucks gift card. You'll be their fave parent…trust me). While you're aimlessly wandering through Target or Gap or wherever little people like to shop these days searching for the back to school outfit (we homeschool, so our first day of school outfits look a lot like our PJs we slept in last night...), it’s also important to make sure you’re stocked up with all essentials you'll need for your children's health and wellness this year.

My very first recommendation is that you buy a reusable water bottle, and label it with your little person's name. It's tough to remember to stay hydrated without mama nagging you, but having some water handy will help. We love HydroFlasks, and have had ours for about four years now. They are durable, keep the water the right temperature, and come in fun colors. Make water drinking a game by celebrating how many times little Johnny refilled his water bottle and drank the full think during the day! His body will thank you for the hydration! I labeled these myself using vinyl I purchased from Amazon and my Silhouette Cameo. 

We do homeschool, but...Jonah and Ezra went to school one year. And I was terrified of the germs and sickness they would bring home. Thankfully, dōTERRA walked into my life via an angel of a Junior Kindergarten teacher, and we didn't have a single school sickness the entire year! That's right…perfect attendance! From germs to focus, essential oils can be a life-changing addition to your child's educational experience. No matter what school setting you're in, there are oils that can make your transition from summer and school year a success. 

Without further rambling, I'd like to introduce you to my Top Oils for Back to School!

A note on qualityI only use and recommend therapeutic-grade essential oils. All of these suggestions are based off the assumption that high-quality essential oils are being used. If you would like to get started using high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, then you can CLICK HERE to learn how to get started, or Contact Me for more info!!

  • On Guard. Quite possibly my favorite oil, and definitely the one that made me a dōTERRA believer. Support your immune system with this amazing blend that smells like Fall. I diffuse this regularly (as did that angel teacher I mentioned! If you can gift something to a teacher, hook them up with a diffuser and a bottle of OnGuard for the classroom!). I also dilute OnGuard with FCO in a roller bottle and roll it onto my boys' feet before they head out anywhere germ-ridden (i.e.: the entire world). The OnGuard options abound—we offer the oil, concentrated cleaner, sanitizer spray, hand wash, throat drops…the list goes on. I spray down all of our toys with OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate Spray on the regular, and lots of teachers use it on desks, crayons, and more because it doesn't have to be washed off. Just spray and go. For less than $40, you won't make a better investment in your school year! 

  • Balance. The grounding blend. The tantrum tamer. The anxiety calmer. Basically, it's unicorn love in a bottle. This blend, containing several different tree oils, is a great oil for calming, tantrums, hormone fluctuations, low mood and more. Great for teachers when you want to keep your cool, great for students who struggle with worry, great for everyone. If we could do a whole world diffuser, I'd vote to put Balance in it. This magic oil saves my sanity on the daily.

  • In Tune. Designed to enhance the body’s ability to focus and support healthy thought processes. Whether you are the child, the parent or the teacher (or both!) this blend can help you focus and stay on task. Apply to the bottom of the feet morning and night and whenever needed throughout the day. Can also apply on the neck or rub well into the spine (dilution recommended). Amazing for the child who can't sit still or focus, or even the mom or dad that needs an extra dose of focus at the office! 

  • Peppermint + Wild Orange. I call this blend "Wake Up + Focus!" Way better than my mom's famous, "rise and shiiiiiiiiiiiiine" with blaring bright lights, this is a great blend to help your kids wake-up. Pop this blend in your kitchen diffuser while they are eating breakfast, and maybe you'll only have to tell them to brush their teeth 3 times, instead of 367. Or you can put this blend in a roller bottle and roll it on their wrists and back of neck while you are “nicely” waking them up.

  • Serenity + Balance. Yes, I know I already listed Balance, which is our calming and grounding blend. But Balance combined with Serenity will give your little angels the perfect night's sleep before each day of school! Diffuse in their bedroom (and yours!), and/or roll on the bottoms of their feet before bedtime. You'll all be sleeping like <s>babies</s> husbands in no time! 

So tell me, what are your favorite oils for back to school? 

How about a freebie?! Diffuse this blend for a great study session, added focus, and uplifting benefit!